Arbonne International Introduces Arbonne Essentials


Arbonne International, LLC (Arbonne) today introduced the new Arbonne Essentialsâ„¢ product line, featuring nutrition solutions that are easily tailored to meet individual needs. Formulated with active botanicals, the Arbonne Essentials line is comprised of 22 products, which support a range of areas including digestion, immunity boost, increased energy and weight management, and featuring formulas targeted for adults and kids.

“Arbonne Essentials keeps it simple,” said Arbonne CEO Kay Napier. “Our incredible product development team has blended the highest quality active botanicals selected to help deliver results that every body needs. With the daily demands of life, we know how tough it is to get all of the important nutrients in our diet. No matter what your body type, or your health goals, Arbonne Essentials gives you the nutrition you need, when you need it, in a convenient and effective way.”

Arbonne Essentials are vegan certified and formulated without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, gluten, cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats, animal products or animal by-products.

“Feeling great starts with smart nutrition. Because we are looking for convenience, many of the foods we eat are over-processed, frozen or fast foods, which often lack the nutritive value of fresh foods,” said Dr. Peter Matravers, Sr. Vice President of Product Development for Arbonne. “To ensure you are getting the fundamental nutrients your body needs from the foods you eat, Arbonne Essentials brand products include carefully selected ingredients that work together to increase nutrient uptake for optimum absorption and effectiveness.” *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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