When it comes to running a business, we don’t always have time to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes we need great apps to help us make the best of the time we do have. Forbes recently shared a list of tools that they found to be helpful. Do you have your own short list?

Bill.com – Bill.com helps you to [streamline] and automate your business bill payment and invoicing processes by going paperless.

The Resumator – The Resumator helps small business make hiring decisions faster.

Chrometa – This supersmart application automatically tracks your computer usage and uses captured data to fill time sheets, compile billable hours, and improve personal and team productivity.

BusinessCard2 – If you’re looking for something different to make you stand out from the rest then you could take a look at BusinessCard2 which allows professionals to promote themselves by creating a virtual business card.

CloudSponge – By using CloudSponge, your users can easily import their address books into your service and invite their contacts to use your site.

Photo by Jhayne

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