Toying With Passion

Your grandma’s Tupperware parties will never be the same again. These days, women are throwing out conservative product parties in favor of something a little more risque — passion parties.

A passion party, like a Tupperware party, brings in a consultant who sells their product to women. But instead of selling storage products, passion party consultants sell sex products.

The company Passion Parties specializes in a wide range of sex products geared toward women (and a few toward men).

But these products aren’t your average K.Y. products or strangely kinky sex toys.

Passion Parties prides itself on well-made, classy products for every woman, with any and every sexual interest and experience, at any age.

“We are a tasteful company, so it’s easier for women to buy from us,” Lucy Skertchly, Passion Parties executive manager and independent consultant, said.

Skertchly, who has been working for Passion Parties for more than three and a half years, said she loves what she does and hopes she can do it for the rest of her life.

“How many people say they can meet women at a party, laugh with them, joke with them, make money and leave the party with new friends?” she said.

Logo from Passion Parties

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