I’m glad I don’t live somewhere cold enough to require heated underwear, but if you’re suffering under the blizzard of 2011, you might want to consider them.


When it comes to being cold, Julia Aiken is somewhat of an expert. She is a former professional snowboarder and has designed women’s boards and boots for Burton. Now she has launched her own company — Toast Heated Clothes.

“The most important thing is where are you going to put the heat, and that was trial and error,” Aiken said.

When competing Julia used to duct tape hand warmers to her body. Then one day two years ago — on a chair lift with her husband — the idea of heated underwear was discussed. “I was looking at a local paper and there was an ad for the Women’s Small Business Program in Burlington and the ad said, ‘from idea to ownership,’ and I thought — perfect, this is what I need,” Aiken said.

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