Old Adage ‘Location, Location, Location’ Applies To Franchising

Financial Post:

Building a franchise system is about more than simply permitting somebody to run a business under your brand. For newcomers to franchising, a key to your success will depend on your vision, support and leadership as franchisees will look directly to you for guidance in developing their businesses.

A vital consideration is location. As a franchisor, you may be failing your franchisees and doing a disservice to your brand if you are not assisting in the approval of a particular location. The old adage of location, location, location is as applicable to franchising as it is to any other business, industry or venture, and franchisors should be aware of the importance of a good location on franchisees and franchisors alike. For this reason, a franchisor may elect to go on the head lease of a particular location and then sublease that location to the franchisee, or make it a system-wide policy to always do so. Read more.

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