It may be easier, but throwing just anything together and calling it a website will not work. Making an effective website can take time, money, and patience.

Business Insider has created a list of six must-have features that your business website needs to succeed.

1. Intuitive Navigation

A user landing on your website should not have to spend time deciphering how to work their way around. Instead, it should be intuitive.

2. Sticky Content

You want to have something that will attract a potential customer and lure them further into your site.

3. A Blog

As an SMB, there is no better way to establish a point of difference, become known for thought leadership or consistently attract links and attention than by putting a blog on your site and using it to share information and/or start conversations.

4. Your Address, Phone Number & Contact Information

By highlighting this information, you show people that you’re real and that you’ll be easy to get ahold of should they have a question or a concern.

5. Reviews

It’s important that small business owners not only encourage reviews, but also be proactive about getting as many of them as they can. As the Web gets more social, online reviews are being shown to have more weight and prominence.

6. Calls to Action

You want to create a clear path for visitors to navigate through so that they’re naturally achieving all the goals that you’ve laid out.

Photo by Sarah