Avon is Calling, From Twitter

Direct selling and MLM are changing. You’re unlikely to ever have a Avon lady come to your door anymore. Today, it seems that much of the network marketing in the world takes place on the internet, and on Facebook and Twitter primarily.

Zimmerman also encourages salespeople to utilize social media such as Twitter and Facebook in addition to hosted parties (“soirees”). Brand ambassadors are given tutorials on how to build effective Facebook pages and use iPhone applications. “Someone can be in line at the bank and strike up a conversation with someone. They have the ability to bring up the products on their phone right there and tell someone about the line,” Zimmerman says. But as much as Votre Vu pushes the social-media angle, Zimmerman says the company is careful not to ostracize the nontech-savvy salesperson. “The way we approach technology is if our grandmothers couldn’t use it, then we didn’t do our job making it easy enough.”

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Photo by Labor2008.

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