Vi-Tel Wireless built their business model around the affiliate and network marketing community. The company has positioned themselves very well within the industry and gives every network marketer and direct sales person a solid product with minimal costs. The companies’ software was designed to encompass all aspects of running a home based internet business or any type of network marketing business so that their network of independent sales representatives can concentrate on selling their products and building their business. Vi-Tel Wireless says that you do not have to have industry experience or any experience running a company in order to take part in their business opportunity.

Independent Sales Representatives of Vi-Tel Wireless receive a personal replicated website that allows them to market their business online. Their site gives them an online wireless store that lets customers buy directly from sales representative’s replicated websites without having to pay membership dues or becoming an authorized independent sales representative of Vi-Tel Wireless. The availability of all products being located on each reps site gives a Sales Representative’s customers more choices in one place. One major goal of Vi-Tel Wireless is to create a one stop shop for all your wireless needs. Vi-Tel Wireless is a Direct Sales business model and focuses primarily on taking the products and services directly to the consumer.

Most Network marketing and direct sales companies only allow their reps to sell member or agents that are signed up through the company. Vi-Tel made a strategic decision that changes the way network marketers have to do business. Now products and services can be sold to the public outside of being a member or reseller of Vi-Tel Wireless. The company hopes the decision will pay off in a big way. Scott Rogers, CEO of Vi-Tel Wireless said “When the industry recognizes this change vs. the old conventional sales model of only selling to members the industry will take notice and probably follow suit.”

The Vi-Tel Wireless income opportunity offers sales representatives the ability to advertise online using customer recognized, name brand products, leaders in the wireless market. Name brands customers recognize from premier wireless Companies with reputable customer support and satisfaction credibility behind them.

VI-Tel Wireless has one of the largest selection of free phones on the web. VI-Tel selected 4G WIMAX technology for its internet offering through Clear. VI-Tel wanted to bring a mobile internet offering to their list of providers and felt Clear was the perfect provider to offer 4G for its online wireless stores. Clear partnered with companies like Sprint, Google, Samsung, Motorola, Time Warner, Intel, Cisco and Bright House to develop the first 4G network. Clear 4G has launched in an estimated 77 cities all over the US so far and is launching in many other major cities.

The company has also completed its initial product offering and has gone live with all of its core products and services. The company now offers cellular, 4G internet, satellite TV, and lastly Home security products which completed the initial product launch.

What excites most people about buying through VI-Tel is that they can also start selling wireless products and make the commissions from not only their own purchase but as well as others.

Affiliate programs don’t offer the ability to earn off of multiple websites or from others they introduce to the company and do not reward the business owner for building a legitimate business. Network marketing, MLM, and direct sales companies generally require you to be a member to buy or sell their products, Vi-Tel allows anyone to buy from their business owners either way there for enabling the business owner to capitalize on the power of the products and services sold as well.

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