Scot Frank, inventor and founder of One Earth Designs, has successfully landed himself a spot in a type of boot camp that is hosted by the Unreasonable Institute.

People that enter are required to raise $8,000 within a set period of time. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, those who succeed will receive a position at their eight week camp.

Frank’s group has developed a solar stove that can be used for cooking, heating and electricity. Durable, lightweight, portable, affordable and easy to repair, the stove is made primarily of yak-wool canvas and mylar plastic.

With the help of 60 world-class investors and entrepreneurs at this summer’s institute in Boulder, Colo., Frank hopes to bring the Sol-Source 3-in-1 stove to a mass market. Worldwide, pollution from combustion stoves used indoors sickens and kills more than 1 million every year. Many victims are children.

Developed by the West High School and MIT grad with the help of villagers he met in rural western China, the stove could be used someday by as many as 2.5 billion of the world’s poorest people.

More than 300 [people] from 60 countries applied to be part of the fellowship competition, and just 45 finalists were selected. Frank will be one of 25 entrepreneurs at this year’s camp.

Image from Unreasonable Institute