Free Legal Advice In 140 Characters

It’s not often you’ll find free and lawyers in the same sentence, but one firm in the UK is hoping to change that. Nick Jervis has created what is believed to be the first UK legal service that is based on Twitter, according to Insider Media Limited.

Nick Jervis, managing director of Bristol-based Loyalty Law, has joined forces with Silks Solicitors, AJR Solicitors and Quality Solicitors CMHT to offer free legal advice to businesses and individuals in 140 characters or fewer through the social media platform.

Jervis, who has practised as a solicitor for 14 years, said: “Historically, lawyers haven’t made it easy for people to approach them. Some people are terrified of seeking legal advice, so this idea should work for some people.”

While Jervis accepts it may be difficult to solve most cases without legal representation, he said that “some smaller issues” may well be solved in the 140 character allowance.

“Of course, a lot of cases will require thorough legal advice,” Jervis conceded. “But this should give people a platform to take up a case that they may not have done otherwise.”

Screenshot from The Legal Oracle on Twitter

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