PR Newswire:

Cruise Amour, the online agency, has unveiled its network of local cruise advisors.

Keen not to limit their exposure to only on-line channels, Cruise Amour made the decision in November 2010 to develop a network of local cruise advisors, each equipped to reach out to customers who are perhaps less comfortable booking on-line.

Despite tough economic times and the Christmas disruption, Cruise Amour has already recruited and trained four franchisees, with another three due to launch by the end of the month.

When asked if it had been difficult to recruit franchisees in an increasingly competitive market place, managing director Tim Hurrell said: “We’ve worked hard to ensure our franchise offering is truly unique and offers our franchisees a wealth of tools and resources that give them a strong competitive advantage. The rapid growth of our network is testament to this.”

Cruise Amour’s franchise packages start from 5,999 pounds Sterling for the Home Worker option rising to 8,999 pounds for the Local Business package which includes a local marketing exclusivity to the franchisee’s chosen geographic area. Franchisees can expect to make 25k pounds – 85k pounds net profit each year operating either on a part-time or full-time basis.