If you want to succeed in direct sales, you must offer a product that people need. A new company is doing just that.

Vi-Tel Wireless is a network marketing company that specializes in cellular, satellite, and security products. Representatives for this company have the opportunity to make money selling the items that people really need. We live in a world where cellphones are commonplace, and satellite television rules. It is not a hard sell if the people you’re selling to already know of and want your product!

I wanted to learn a little more about Vi-Tel Wireless, so I spoke with the founder, Scott Rogers, about his business and opportunity.

Tell us a little about Vi-Tel Wireless.

Vi-Tel Wireless started with the vision of its CEO & Co-Founder, Scott Rogers. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and incorporated in New Mexico, Vi-Tel Wireless launched with nationwide direct sales of CLEAR in November 2010. In December, all four major cellular carriers was added to its product offerings, along with Dish Network services. In mid-January, wireless security & surveillance from FrontPoint was introduced and in early February, Merchant Services from North American Bancard.

Our CEO and Co-Founders bring with them over 55 years of Retail, Financial Services, Customer Service and Direct Sales experience. Most importantly, a sincere passion for servant leadership passed on from life-long mentors and leaders in our industry.

Vi-Tel Wireless is a Nationwide Direct Sales Company offering a broad spectrum of leading edge wireless communication products for purchase or resale by our network of Independent Sales Representatives.

The very Company name is rooted in how “vital” wireless communications have become in our everyday lives. These are products and services many cannot and will not do without, even in tough economic times like the current. Our company motto, “Vi-Tel Wireless Makes it Possible!” resonates with the many ways our CEO & its Co-Founders continue to open doors for those who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

What inspired it?

The vision and passion to help others like us have the opportunity to recover income lost or meet the increasing demands financially on hard working individuals. The chance to not only generate immediate income for themselves, but something that will continue to pay dividends longer term that can’t be stripped away because someone decides they can find someone cheaper to do what they do? In a lot of ways, Vi-Tel Wireless was born out of the shear frustration of falling victim to the false promises and greed that is sometimes prevalent in the Direct Sales Industry.

For some of us in America, we have become no longer “relevant” to Corporate America, yet we know we still have so much to offer. We believe Vi-Tel Wireless gives those individuals the opportunity to do something positive about it for themselves and most importantly the ability to pay it forward to others in the same circumstances.

For what companies do you currently have products available?

Postpaid & Prepaid cellular offerings from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile. A broad spectrum of cellular handsets at highly competitive prices from manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and Motorola who are leading the dominant Android market. Also, 4G Mobile High-Speed Internet & Voice services with no market restrictions from CLEAR. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also include 4G Mobile High-Speed Internet services from Sprint/Nextel (the NOW Network), Verizon Wireless (LTE) and T-Mobile (HSPA+). We also offer Satellite TV services from DISH Network. Wireless Security & Surveillance systems and services from FrontPoint and now Merchant Services from North American Bancard. All premier providers in their industry.

What separates you from the competition when it comes to your products?

In addition to offering all four major cellular carriers and Satellite TV, Vi-Tel Wireless recently added state-of-the-art Home & Business security & surveillance systems. Our biggest “game-changer” in our product line portfolio is our introduction of Merchant Credit Card Services through our Vi-Tel Business Solutions division. This not only provides all our Independent Sales Representatives the opportunity to earn up-front bonuses and monthly residuals, but also a very unique opportunity in the merchant services industry to earn override commission by building a nationwide sales team. Combing the best of Direct Sales with the best of Merchant Sales, backed by a leader in the Merchant Services industry, North American Bancard.

What are some of the benefits you offer? What are the requirements?

Initial cost to get started is only $49.95 compared to others in the wireless industry which charge hundreds or even thousands.

No monthly sales quotas or sales volume thresholds to meet before earning your first check.

What separates your opportunity from the others available today?

It starts with its Co-Founders strong belief in servant leadership and it carries forward in our actions. A Leadership team that is accessible to all representatives not just their top sales leaders. An advisory council that consists of representatives from all levels in the organization versus exclusive to only Top Sales Leadership. Our follow-through in delivering what we say we’re going to deliver. A compensation plan that enables an individual to achieve the highest level in our organization without ever recruiting a single person if they choose to do so, while still handsomely rewarding our sales team builders. The ability to market name brand recognized products and services direct from their company provided websites and marketing tools.

A product portfolio that offers front-end loaded commissions to monthly residuals and the ability to earn weekly bonuses that are in your pocket in days not weeks. No minimum sales quota requirements and no forced inventory of goods or services.

Do you have any goals that you’d like to accomplish over the next year or so?

To have the financial freedom to host an “ALL-Expense” paid Leadership Trip for our top performers who were willing to take a chance on this fledgling company and make a difference in people’s lives with Vi-Tel Wireless as the vehicle.

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

Anytime you “assume” something when dealing with vendors, you are adding potential risk to the future of your business. That if you lack a big enough “why”, even the best vehicle won’t get you there. If you keep your eye on the marathon versus the sprint, the bumps along the way remain just bumps.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There’s a saying in Texas, “He’s got a big hat and no cattle” and we’ve each personally fallen victim to that sometime in our lives. At Vi-Tel Wireless we prefer to be seen as wearing a small hat with lots of cattle!

What advice would you like to offer anyone considering your business opportunity?

To take the opportunity to speak with our CEO and its Co-Founders, one on one, about why Vi-Tel Wireless is truly unique in a not-so-unique industry or even ask the same of some of those who have chosen Vi-Tel Wireless to be worthy of their valuable time and efforts?

If our purpose and values, which are present on every Independent Sales Representative’s Vi-Tel Wireless website, resonate with them personally, then join us and don’t look back! Help us prove that Integrity, Honesty, and old-fashioned hard work are still worth something in America today!

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