Turning Up The Heat On One-Size, Unisex Clothing

Some people do not appreciate the comfort of one-size pants, but the woman behind a unique style of unisex pants is hoping the Dragon’s will feel differently.

Carley Stenson will be featured on the March 2nd episode of Dragon’s Den where the world will find out if she was able to get funding to help her grow her business, reports The Peterborough Examiner.

The Crestwood Secondary School and Fleming College graduate had travelled to Thailand several times, discovering pants on one of her trips.

Ensuing purchases for friends and family were met with rave reviews. Stenson said she finally decided to purchase them in bulk, coming back with 700 of the unisex, one-size-fits-all garments.

She began selling them at fairs, trade shows and festivals, using the brand name Siams.

They were a hit almost everywhere she went, she said, adding she has sold about 15,000 of them.

When she heard Dragons’ Den producers were in Kingston, looking for candidates, she quickly packed up her product.

Two of the four producers already had her pants, she said. The other two purchased samples from her.

Stenson can’t say how the Dragons reacted to her product, but said they treated her kindly.

She didn’t cry, she said, and she didn’t embarrass herself.

No matter what the outcome, she said, the experience was good and her company is getting some great publicity.

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