What excuse do you have for not exercising? If you’re anything like me, the argument is simply that there is not enough time in the day. Between all of our commitments, when are we supposed to get it done? The founders of SqueezeItIn.com, Brigette Polmar and Jenny Hein, accept no excuses.

Jenny and Brigette were busy moms in need of more time for exercise. While discussing that need, they soon discovered that they were both using little tricks to get in a little extra workout while managing the other necessities that needed to get done. It wasn’t long before they realized that other busy moms would also benefit from their multitasking, time saving exercise moves. They collaborated their ideas, launched a website, and set out on a series of videos that would help others learn those tricks.

I caught up with Brigette to learn a little more about their exercise program.

Tell us a little about SqueezeItIn.com.

SqueezeItIn.com is both a website and DVD that features dozens of clever and effective toning and cardio exercises that you can squeeze into even your busiest days. We like to say, “Life’s a gym. Work it out.” Our goal is to help busy people live more active lives and make fitness fit by seeing exercise differently – by seeing their life as a series of opportunities to squeeze in some exercise – to “Let life be your workout!”

What inspired it?

SqueezeItIn.com was born in September of 2008 when certified group fitness instructor Jenny Hein and journalist/author Brigette Polmar, both busy moms, were discussing the struggles so many people have in finding the time to exercise. The two began swapping their solutions for making fitness fit and discovered they had both been doing squats while blow drying their hair, as well as many other moves. One lamented, “If only people realized there is always a way to squeeze it in.” That very moment they purchased the domain name “SqueezeItIn.com” and started to plan a series of online videos to share their multitasking moves with the masses!

How many different exercises do you currently feature on your website?

We feature about 50 different moves grouped by location: at the office, at the park, on travel, at the grocery store, around the house, with the kids, etc.

What are some of the products you currently offer? How much do they cost?

Our featured item is the SqueezeItIn.com Workout DVD which retails at $14.99.

I know these exercises are for the busy mom, but what about dad? Do you offer anything that could work for him too?

All of our exercises work for ANYONE who is having trouble finding time to workout! We often speak to moms, because we are moms. We are always thrilled when a dad emails us to tell us he’s Squeezing It In!

What separates you from the competition?

We’re different because we help you workout right where you are. No gym. No equipment. No excuses. With the SqueezeItIn method you don’t need to find a 30 minute block of uninterrupted time to workout. You can literally workout your way through the day – wherever and whenever you can. If you can find 30 minutes – go for it! But if you fail to get to the gym – you are NOT a failure. We provide you with an effective way to make fitness fit when you just don’t have time for a traditional 30 minute workout.

Are there any goals that you would like to accomplish over the next year or so?

We are always looking for good brand partners who are aligned with our vision of helping busy moms live better live by taking care of themselves and staying physically active. Our goals include partnering with a solid brand to bring our moves and our method to moms everywhere and show how to “Let life be your workout!”

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

Get your product together first, then go for the publicity.

Every great opportunity may not be great for you and your business. You don’t have to say yes.

Things will always cost more than you imagine – budget well and don’t forget to consider the value of your time.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Going into business is the best MBA you can get! If you have a dream or the drive – give it a shot. Ask for help and see what you learn!

Any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

Keep going. Demand fair treatment – just because your little doesn’t mean you deserve less. And smile through the tough times – it’s all a wonderful learning experience and if you believe in what you’re doing, you will be a success on several levels!

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