The board game Monopoly was originally a round oilcloth 33 inches in diameter. The earliest ever version of the board game Monopoly has sold for almost $150,000 in the UK. The game is the only one of 5,000 made by Monopoly inventor Charles Darrow in 1933 to survive to present day.

Heating engineer Darrow drew and coloured in the playing surface using pen and ink and made the little hotels and houses from strips of pine wood moulding.

He also devised and wrote the rules of the game – a carbon typescript of which was included in the auctioned set.
Despite its round shape, the design and format is almost identical to the 275 million Monopoly games that have subsequently sold around the globe.

It has 28 properties, including four train stations and two utility companies, three chance and three community chest spaces, two tax squares, and spaces for go, free parking, jail and the dreaded ‘go to jail’.