Truckee Meadows Community College has noticed a trend among people within the community. Noticing that some of the residents would like courses in business, TMCC has created a series of non-credit courses for them to take. Each class will offer insight into the different ways to launch and make money, reports Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

TMCC’s non-credit continuing education course program has rapidly expanded its offerings for would-be entrepreneurs.

It is definitely a trend, says TMCC’s Kathleen Berry, marketing manager for the workforce development and continuing education arena. “Our division is designed to quickly respond to the community’s changing needs, and we have seen a significantly increased interest in noncredit entrepreneurial courses, whether it is to start a new business or supplement one’s income on the side,” she says.

Berry says the recession that has put millions of Americans on the job sidelines, and others who nervously fear the day of the pink slip, has definitely spawned a trend toward classes that many hope will help them bring in extra income.

Last year, TMCC scheduled several classes for people to learn how to create their own Web site. All immediately filled up. So, this spring, the school has increased its offering of entrepreneurial-related classes by 43 percent over the same period two years ago.

The titles speak for themselves. How to turn your crafts into cash. Home-based businesses for under $1,000. Become a successful online entrepreneur. Fearless self employment. Make money using blogs and other social networking tools. The list goes on.

Photo from Eric James Sarmiento