Being A Mom, Inc.

The growing trend of moms becoming mompreneurs has been astounding. Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell are two women that fall within this category. Like many women, they love their lives — no matter how crazy it can get.

According to, Amy and Danielle have recently collaborated on a book that demonstrates the real ups and downs of being a mompreneur, so other women can learn from their experience.

Media reports often highlight the joy of being one’s own boss, making money yet still being able to stay home with young kids, but the owners of Admiral Road Designs say that’s too simplistic.

“We wanted to draw on our own experiences,” said Ballon, 39, in explaining why they have co-authored a new book Mom Inc. about how to start a business, outlining the challenges and benefits.

“We think mompreneurship is about trade-offs and choices, and choosing the things you want most,” she said. “But you still have to take the garbage out. You still have to file the GST.”

They wanted the book to be real, get to the skinny, everything from how to get a bank loan to how to decide whether you need to hire help, from child care to employees.

Image from Mom Inc Book

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