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Hi to all the blog readers.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Gabriele Morelli, I am originally from Florence (Italy) but live in Munich (Germany) since almost 5 years.
I am 32 years old, and I am a PHP5 Zend Certified Engineer working as a Senior PHP developer in a big german car-rental company.

How long have you been reading the site?

I am a a business-opportunities.biz reader since at least 6 years, from the moment that I bumped into the “How much is your blog worth” widget somewhere in the blogosphere, and come back to the blog really often to get inspiration and feed my creative mind.

Editor’s Note: The blog worth widget is currently down.

Tell us about your work or business.

Since my early programming years I discovered a quality in myself : the need of making a better web, trying to develop web applications that would make the user experience reacher and add value to the world wide web.

I have a couple of web applications on the pipeline that should be online soon (I don’t want to ruin the surprise), but at the moment the one I am mostly proud of is called www.largetweet.com: a PHP based application that allows people to write tweets up to 3000 characters. So far its been used also by some italian celebrities (football players, politicians and movie directors).

What’s your favorite kind of post?

I am in love with internet startups, so my favorite blog posts are the ones that talk about web applications that are soon to shake the internet world with an innovative approach also to already existing business models.

For instance, not long ago, I found out about this new startup created by the ex JustinTV co-founder Caleb Elston called yobongo (yobongo.com)), an iPhone app that lets you chat with people nearby: based on geolocation and interest-matching algorithms. I find it very exciting and I will be waiting for the Android version in order to use it.

I have a favorite Business Opportunities post and this is Friday For Five Dollars I think the fiverr.com idea is just genius. It’s easily monetizable and lets at the same time people make money and other people get services on the fly. Brilliant.

Is there something that you’d like us to be writing about that we’re not?

I think business opportunities should take a closer look at www.kickstarter.com and promote those ideas through the blog, some of them need more visibility than what the get.

Or also start its own Fund and Follow Creativity section, that’d be just great.

What other sites do you read regularly?

Other sites i read regularly are techcrunch.com, engaget.com, kickstarter.com, and of course googleblog.blogspot.com. And many many others.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

From my point of view the glass is always half full; also failure brings you to a new knowledge of your limits, pushes you to learn from your mistakes and suggests you how make it better next time.

Anything else?

Yes. Is there any PHP job vacancies in California? 🙂

Thanks everybody for taking time to read this post and meeting me.

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