Monopoly is a great game that has been around for years, but how relevant are the skills learned playing it to to the small business owner today?

One of the biggest problems small business owners face is a lack of understanding of how all things fit together in business and in order to manage and sustain a business. Not many training courses or books cover the entire process, leaving the business owner with fragmented information that is not easily applied back in the office.

A new game on the market this month called Works Flow 101 hopes to remedy that problem. It is an easy to learn game played by 2 to 20 people. It allows participants to run their own business over a period of four cycles. Each cycle requires you to loan money, bank savings, buy stock, manufacture products, market and then sell them various channels.

Records of stock levels and cash flow are done throughout the game giving the players enough experience in a safe environment to try different strategies and financial ratios to determine how best to leverage the return on the initial capital.

Work Flow 101 looks to be a fun and essential tool for any training organization, high school or entrepreneur.

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