Sixth Grader Creates Snow Day Predictor

When David Sukhin was in sixth grade he created the DAS Automatic Snow Day Calculator. He’s now 16 and in 11th grade, according to WBUR. Every time it snows, he checks the site and it has never once been wrong about his own school shutting down for the day.

The site asks for various pieces of information, including the local zip code, the number of snow days the school has already used this year, the leniency of the school administration, whether or not a special event is taking place, whether or not the school is in a mountainous area and how much hype the snow storm has in the community. It then automatically pulls in weather data from the National Weather Service to make it’s prediction.

Next time it’s snowing here (next week, probably) I’ll test out the site and let you know how it works in my area.

Pretty good for a sixth grader.

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