If you were to ask Holly Hurd about her role in business, she would tell you that she is a “serial entrepreneur.” She has a big stack of motivational books by her bed, and she’s even writing one for motivation. She has had her finger in a variety of ventures, and she currently resides in real estate. According to The Daily Weston, she’s also the woman behind VentureMom.

VentureMom is an online networking site that connects women who have started their own businesses. The site provides a directory, tips, a newsletter and a blog aimed to help women turn their dreams into a business. And Holly spotlights her “moms” by telling their stories so that other women will be inspired to pursue their own dreams.

“I cover women who have created something unique on their own,” she says. A recent story features Sheryl Myrhe, who fell in love with tea on a trip to Europe. She did her research, wrote a business plan and now runs an online business selling specialty teas. Then there is the mom who began after-school art classes so that she could take her own kids to work with her. And the two friends who set up a website where people could get rid of surplus belongings responsibly.

“Women often tell me they want to do something but they don’t know what,” says Holly. “I tell them to come up with six things they can do in six days.” Her encouragement gets women thinking creatively. If someone likes to cook, they could think about offering to cook meals for other moms who don’t enjoy or have the time to make home-cooked meals, Holly says. Or start a dog-walking business.

Screenshot from VentureMom

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