Involuntary Entrepreneurship Grows!

Photo by Bellah

Most people who become entrepreneurs do so because they have a vision.

Here’s another reason though… because they have to create their own jobs just to make ends meet.

Call it Involuntary Entrepreneurship.

I had a friend who once said “‘Consultant’ is what you put on your resume when you don’t have a job!”

Evidently the stats are proving him right as this quote shows…

But the latest government data indicates that most people traveling the start-up road are doing so out of necessity – not because they have a great idea or have been moved by the entrepreneurial spirit. The economic landscape is littered with consultants, freelancers and one-person contractors earning less on their own than they made as full-time employees before the 2008 financial collapse. The number of part-time self-employed rose from 33 percent to 41 percent of all self-employed workers between 2007 and 2009, with virtually all of that increase from people reporting they were working part-time because they couldn’t find enough work, according to Steven Hipple, a labor economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It prompts me to ask a question… what would you do to earn money if your job ended tomorrow?

Photo by Bellah.

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