Kiddie Philanthropy

It feels good to do nice things for others, and this does not exclude children. An organization is hoping to motivate kids into giving games by accepting donations, and by selling them games that they can play. According to The Huffington Post, once they are done with the game, they can re-donate it to the organization to further help support their cause.

DonateGames began when Taylor Carol, at age 11, was diagnosed terminally ill with a rare form of Leukemia. … Taylor and the other kids at the hospital were terribly sick, scared and isolated, but passing time playing their video games played a big part in helping them get better. After three years of an intense battle with cancer and subsequent rare diseases, his family acknowledged that it was both the kindness of strangers and Taylor’s video games that sustained him with joy and hope during his darkest days, and they decided they wanted to pass that hope on to other kids struggling with rare diseases.

Taylor’s father, award-winning software entrepreneur Jim Carol, recognized that a powerful opportunity to give back existed in tapping into the $18.6 billion U.S. video game market. His research revealed that used video game reseller Gamestop earned over $1 billion in profit in 2009 — without a strong charitable component. Carol combined his entrepreneurial business spirit with his passion around his son’s triumphant recovery to conceive DonateGames. The company has achieved astonishing growth in its first 12 months, moving from a small “mom and pop” operation out of the Carol’s garage to attracting partnerships with major brands like video game behemoth EA, The UPS Store and national nonprofits like Make-A-Wish and children’s hospitals.

Screenshot from DonateGames

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