Kid Gets T-Shirt Line

Do you remember YouTube video starring 3 year old Gavin Justice-Farmer? Gavin’s mom video taped his reaction to the news that Michael Young, his favorite Texas Ranger, may be leaving the team, and it went viral. According to NBC DFW, the video has been such a big hit that the mom has now created a t-shirt business.

Gavin’s mom Kim Justice, copyrighted the saying, “he my team” after getting numerous calls from interested companies, she says she never thought she would be in the t-shirt business.

“Two separate companies that had called me on the same day, wanting to copyright the phrase ‘he my team.’ I hadn’t really thought about anything like that, but talked to my family and we kind of decided as a family that it was probably best for us to it ourselves,” said Justice.

So far they have sold several hundred shirts, and counting. With Young still on the team, Gavin has more than one reason to smile.

The family plans to donate a portion of the sales to one of Young’s favorite charities “Wipe Out Kids Cancer.”

The video that started it all is after the jump.

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