ProvisionRx, a national leader in prescription drug savings, announced today it had reached its first milestone of having saved American consumers over one million dollars on prescription drugs in only eleven months. Facts released today state that ProvisionRx prescription discount cards have now escalated in helping consumers save over $7,000 a day and filling over 750 prescriptions a day. With over 6.5 million cards ordered, its goal is to place a card in the hand of every American consumer. Using the Network Marketing business model, ProvisionRx is quickly becoming the buzz in the Industry for its massive nationwide distribution of its FREE Pharmacy Discount Card and paying its IBOs some of the most lucrative bonuses the Industry has ever witnessed.

ProvisionRx pays you money every week for giving away something FREE that everybody needs, but more importantly, they want it and they want it NOW!! During the last few years, the perfect storm for a health care crises converged on America. First, the costs of health care and prescription drugs skyrocketed. It’s startling to know that right here in America- the land of opportunity… many are now forced to self-ration their prescription medication! And if that wasn’t bad enough, an economic meltdown converged on America. Global stock markets crashed. Millions of hard working Americans have watched helplessly as their life savings and retirements disappeared. Along with their insurance! Doctor James King, the chairman of the American Academy of Family said in the New York Times … “People are having to choose between gas, meals and medication!” Not only the cost of living has gone up … apparently … so has the costs of staying alive!

The regrettable reality of these tough recessionary times is that many seniors and baby boomers alike are being forced to make dangerous decisions that can, and will impact their health and financial future. To make the situation more agonizing is the realization that our government is spending billions of tax payer dollars to subsidize medical aid for foreign countries. While tens of millions in America are unemployed and doing without medication due to its costs… we’re sending billions of dollars overseas to pay for medications for others! ProvisionRx feels that this seems like a prescription for failure!

ProvisionRX decided that the current “prescription for failure” was not acceptable! They decided America needed a “prescription for success!” At the same time the health care crisis was converging with the economic chaos … another convergence was taking place. ProvsionRX teamed with a proven 29 year old, debt free, business icon called IAB- International Association of Businesses and introduced an affordable alternative to all Americans… A prescription for success! When ProvisionRx joined forces with IAB, they became a force to be reckoned with! ProvisionRx is enlisting an army of crusaders who have a heart for those who desperately need to save money on their prescriptions. And, ProvisionRx is paying them to hand out free prescription discount cards and showing others how to do the same! Even those with insurance have learned that in many instances, the ProvisionRx FREE card gave them a better savings.

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