Shaklee, the 55 year old Pleasanton, California company has gained some serious momentum recently and is currently listed as # 16 on the Top MLM Popularity gainers at, a position usually reserved for start up companies.

The company made significant changes to their compensation plan in October of 2010 and in February attracted a large group of former EIRO associates known as the Pinnacle Group. The Shaklee Dream Plan focuses on a realistic strategy to earning six-figures in 12 to 15 months while taking two exotic all-expense paid trips.

There appears to be a subtle shift in the Network Marketing industry towards the generational wealth and security, something a start up company can not offer.

Shaklee has been re-inventing itself over the last few years, coming out with new and relevant products, such as Cinch Weight Loss and Vivix Anti Aging, while re-branding their traditional product line that currently accounts for $500 million in sales in 7 countries.

Leading the way on environmental side of business as well, Shaklee was the first company in the world to attain Carbon Neutral certification, completely offsetting it’s emissions by planting millions of trees.

To learn more about Shaklee, take the Pinnacle Group tour.