Finding A Sales Rep

Yesterday I mentioned Janie McQueen,a woman who had trouble selling baby apparel made by her mom. As soon as she found a sales rep, her business became a success.

But how do you find a sales rep? The Wall Street Journal takes a look at how people like Janie find reps, and what they look for in potential clients.

Karen Prebys, owner of Connec+ed!, a Greenwood, Ind., business that employs 12 sales reps, says she and her staff mostly meet new clients at trade shows. She’ll go up to exhibitors selling products that she thinks might be a fit for the retailers her company targets to learn more. She’ll also network with entrepreneurs while walking around the showroom.

Ms. Prebys says she considers representing entrepreneurs based on the packaging, price and marketability of the products the business owner wants to sell. She also does her homework on prospective clients to make sure they’re likely to fulfill orders on time and become long-term partners. “You’re looking for credible lines you can have a lifetime relationship with,” she says.

Photo by Orin Zebest

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