Finding New Life As A Virtual PA

For Mandy Sagar, losing her job was not the end of the world. If anything, it was the beginning.

After eight years of working as a personal assistant, the economy ultimately took away the position he had at My Travel. She had loved her job and knew that was something she wanted to continue with. Unfortunately, a new job did not materialize, reports Manchester Evening News.

Instead, she helped her husband, a painter and decorator, with his paperwork, but while helping him she decided to move to the virtual world to set up her own company.

“There is definitely a market for it,” she said. “Business travellers and consultants often have no PA access and struggle to keep organised while they are away from home. I can take away all that pressure and because all my work is in the virtual world I can work while they sleep.

“I am able to offer a service whereby businesses and individuals, can access their documents securely 24/7 from anywhere in the world at their convenience. When you are a sole trader, it is very hard keeping up with the paperwork. Too many think it is something they will get round to eventually, and then find they have a tax return, but their books are not current.

“I can organise clients so they can keep on top of the job they do best – running their business. I love the variety of working for different organisations and I am looking forward to helping many more in the future.”

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