Connecting Through Photographs

It is often said that pictures can say a thousand words. For a social network that is replacing words with pictures, it has never been more true.

Color has been called the Twitter for photos and video. However, it couldn’t be more different reports Forbes.

Color is unlike any [other photo app]. It’s simple yet technically complex. Every photo or video you take in Color is stored in the cloud and can be seen almost instantly by anyone nearby using the Color app. There’s no friend requests to manage or log-ins to deal with or synching with a PC. It’s studiously post-PC.

This is key: Every photo is immediately considered public and made public, as with Twitter. There are no permissions or alerts asking if this is okay with you. It just happens. You can delete your own photos but you have to watch what you shoot because anyone near you or “bound” to you on the Color network will see what you take. (Color says it will police streams and restrict or even brick offenders.)

The applications are intriguing. You can stand in the middle of Times Square taking pictures while watching other Color users’ pictures of Times Square, taken at that moment, stream across your iPhone in chronological order. It’s like having fly’s eyes, and it forces you to choose between creation and consumption all the time.

Image from Color

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