Mom’s Combine Talents For Business Success

In La De Daa’s, you’re almost guaranteed to find anything. There are not many places that will sell dog collars and kid’s tutus near each other. However, this is a unique store. Made up of mostly moms, they are a group of entrepreneurial women.

According to Fox Charlotte, co-owner Stacie Jorishie has seen quite a few innovative products pass through her shop. After all, it was her idea to reach out to the mompreneurs within her community.

Jorishie says, “They know how to handle a lot of things, wear a lot of hats, they have that creative edge, they know what’s savvy.”

Jorishie opened the store about two years ago. She says as the economy sputters, more and more moms are finding her. She says, “I added two more mompreneurs this week.”

Mint Hill’s Donna Gargano is one of the newest mompreneurs. She taught herself the lost art of “book binding” because she loves it and for her kids. “I started this because I wanted to home school my kids.”

For Gargano and all the women, moms supporting moms makes going into business that much more fulfilling. She says, “We need all the help we can get!”

Photo from La De Daa’s

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