Fifty million people did it over the past year, and today Papa Murphy’s International is challenging everyone to “Join the Take ‘N’ Bake Revolution” with the launch of its 2011 marketing initiative. The new campaign is based on revolutionary ideas the take ‘n’ bake chain brought to the market 30 years ago:

* Pizza made fresh in front of customers eyes and baked fresh in their own home oven
* Pizza topped with an abundance of high-quality ingredients
* Pizza that’s handmade and customizable
* Pizza that is high in quality, but low in price – the best value

The new campaign was created in large part by Papa Murphy’s agency of record Minneapolis-based Periscope and consists of print, television, radio, online and in-store elements. A total of six television commercials feature a new spokesperson who charmingly interacts with customers and employees, pointing out the revolutionary benefits of Papa Murphy’s pizza. Two of the six commercials can be viewed on Papa Murphy’s YouTube channel at Additionally, Papa Murphy’s website and Facebook page encourage visitors to “Join the Take ‘N’ Bake Revolution.”