Not many people would consider strapping some exercise bands to their legs. However, Stacy Erwin believes he has created the perfect tool for exercise, reports The Kansas City Star.

“It” is the Overland Park inventor’s $50, not-sold-in-stores, ready-for-prime-time weight-loss device, Fitness Stride. And though it looks like nothing more than two bungee cords held in place by Velcro, it’s actually Erwin’s American dream. It has been his life for most of the past decade. He has invested, by his own estimate, $300,000 in developing and marketing it.

Anyone who comes within Erwin’s force field gets a demonstration of the Fitness Stride (Patent No. 6,884,202).

Talking nonstop, Erwin put me through a short but brutal workout.

While I caught my breath, he explained that just 10 iterations with this torture device was “the equivalent of walking two miles.”

The person who walks two miles a day, however, is not Erwin’s target customer. He’s thinking bigger, in more ways than one.

His ideal customer is someone with a sedentary day job who doesn’t work out and watches too much TV. Imagine this person happening on an infomercial that shows a shapely model walking into work. She has a Fitness Stride on, though nobody knows that since it’s concealed under her skirt. (Erwin said one of his early customers lost 50 pounds this way.)

“This will solve the obesity issue in this country just as sure as Monday follows Sunday,” he said.

Photo from Fitness Stride