There is a strange chain of historical events starting with the book Nineteen Eighty-Four and followed by the introduction of the Apple Macintosh in the year 1984.


Those two, the dystopian prognostication of George Orwell, and, the concrete empowerment of people by Steve Jobs, seem to contradict.

Also now, strangely, it could be argued that corporate, totalitarian and despotic centers of power have never been stronger in the modern era — yet, at the same time, we the people (we hope) have the Internet and the World Wide Web. We have that ultimate town square together with powerful self-publishing tools like computers, tablets and big ol’ mobile phones. Of course, not everyone on the globe has great access yet (but Google and Facebook are working on that problem).


Freedom from Employment

These are indeed strange times. Even though billions of us are employed (for those in highly undesirable jobs, which are almost indentured servitude, ‘employment’ is a euphemism only), never  before has anybody had as much opportunity to escape wage labor.

Let’s take the proposition we have all heard before — that the Internet represents the very best entrepreneurial space in history — and take it a bit further. Take it all the way:

Anybody can defeat employment today by creating their own niche online and monetizing it in an appropriate way.

If that is accepted as true then nobody has any excuse for either hating their job, their lifestyle, or, for being poor in this economy. That bold fact should cause pause in anyone, except those whose livelihoods and incomes precisely reflect their core interests.

That is a fortunate and positive scenario, right? Unfortunately, the existence of this self-employment and entrepreneurial loop-hole (that is, escaping wage labor by owning your own online property for almost no set up costs or overhead) may tighten the grip on people who cannot conceive of their own freedom by the powers that be.


A Range of Freedom

Even if a person merely thought to work online, to telecommute, instead of committing to the immense efforts and costs of moving one’s body around all day for work, then a suitable Web-based job or business could be chosen and worked faithfully from home, or wherever one wants to be.

Then again, using the Internet as a kind of universal, globally-accessible palette and store of resources, a person can create an entirely new business plan, a whole new way of doing things and monetizing that process.

Whatever your passion, you can use the Web to share that, or practice that skill, and then derive at least a modest income. Whether modest or robust, your income includes a huge perq: freedom from employment.

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