Sports And Haircuts

Who knew sports and cutting hair went together so well? Gordon Logan did. He is the founder of a fast-growing franchise called Sports Clips.

According to ABJ Entreprenur, men are nothing like women at a salon. They don’t want to gossip. All they want is their hair cut so they can leave. At Sports Clips, they sit in a chair and watch TV while the stylist does the trimming.

“The old-style barbershops were closing up, but we found men still wanted a place to get their hair cut and feel comfortable,” said Logan, 64, still the company’s CEO. “We talked to a lot of men. Men don’t want to be on display getting their hair cut, and they often don’t want to chat during a haircut. So we sit them in front of a TV and let them watch sports while they get a good haircut.”

And since launching the Sport Clips chain 16 years ago — two years after opening his initial sports-themed hair salon for men at Burnet Road and Research Boulevard — men have been sitting, watching and paying in large and increasing numbers.

Forbes magazine just listed Sport Clips in its list of Top 20 Franchises to Start, and Sport Clips made Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500” list for the 12th consecutive year.

The chain’s revenue grew from $177 million in 2009 to $203 million in 2010, Logan reported. He anticipates $235 million in sales for 2011 and expects the chain to reach $1 billion in cumulative sales for the company’s history this summer. At this pace, Logan anticipates reaching $2 billion in cumulative sales in 2015.

Screenshot from Sports Clips

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