Being a woman in the business world is not always easy. Everyone has a few obstacles to face when starting out, and Prairie Business has brought together some of the best advice from the women who have been there. How can it help you in your own business?

Kari Newman Ness, CEO, Newman Signs

Ness states that it is important to be a solid employee. “By that I mean finish what you start, say what you mean and work hard. Be that person who can be counted on,” she explains. “The early years of your careers will go by quickly, be patient. If you are good at what you do you will be rewarded.”

Melissa Lage, CMO, SJE-Rhombus

Her advice to young women coming into the business profession would be to believe strongly in providing solutions for your customers. “When you solve a customer’s pain you build long-lasting relationships!” she exclaims.

Mary Jo Van Horn, Founder, BluHorn, LLC

Her best advice for women entering today’s profession is researching and networking. “Reach out to business owners, especially women owners and listen to their challenges and success stories. Most businesses take longer and cost more, so plan for the best but be prepared for the worst. And never give up.”

Photo by Kathleen Franklin

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