NY Moms & Mompreneurs Connecting Online

Moms can use just about any resource they can get their hands on. For New York moms, that new resource has become NY Mom’s World. The website has recently launched to help moms and mompreneurs find family activities and business resources all on one page.

Offering a treasure-trove of searchable resources for such things as camps, preschools, pediatricians, dentists, after school activities, and many other “mom essentials,” it is also the “one-stop-shopping” destination for the new generation of “mompreneurs” who need to balance the demands of a family with the challenges of running and growing their own businesses.

“Currently, moms have to search multiple sites to find comprehensive listings of family resources such as camps, preschools and after school activities, as well as business tools, events, and professional guidance,” said Thalia Stamatelos, founder of NYMomsWorld.com. “NY Mom’s World speaks in the working mom’s language. It is all about her. It provides hyper-local perspective on her life as a mom in the town where she lives, while spanning the country to find the best business resources to help her succeed as an entrepreneur.”

NYMomsWorld.com is broken up into distinct, easily navigable “worlds” to help moms quickly and intuitively locate what they are looking for. These areas are Mom’s World, Kids’ World, Events & Workshops, Weekend Picks, Fab Finds & Giveaways and MomPreneur’s World.

Would something like this work for the moms in your own community?

Screenshot from NY Mom’s World

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