Fear can be good, and it can be bad too. It may prepare you to do your best, but if you’re not careful, fear can also stop you from reaching your full potential. Success Magazine has recently covered a few fears you should keep your eye on.

The fear of failing in business.

Businesses fail for many reasons: Competition grabs market share, funding disappears, society changes course or a recession blindsides you. “With every failure there comes—like a sort of secret toy surprise in the bottom of the cereal box—added value in strength, wisdom and knowledge,” Groover says. Failing inspires greater triumphs, especially when you use it to get your head straight.

The fear of not knowing.

Rather than get bogged down in what you don’t know, give yourself credit for what you do. Make a personal talent inventory and then list skills necessary for your business. If you find inadequacies, make a point to learn what you don’t know.

The fear of taking risks.

The tendency is to think of entrepreneurs as big risk takers, but the recession proved corporate America to be a pretty risky place, with the massive downsizing and layoffs we’ve seen. Fact is, business owners take calculated risks and accept them not only as part of doing business, but also of living life.

Photo by Capture Queen