Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

After modeling for print and runway in her teens and early 20’s, Tiffany graduated from college and became a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Physician Assistant. When she began practicing in the industry six years ago, she realized that selling a cosmetic and skincare line out of plastic surgeons office was the perfect platform to launch her own line. Since then, “Fluhme” has evolved to be sold at home beauty events through independent Beauty Artists across the country.

Tiffany decided on an at-home beauty event model to sell her cosmetics and skincare products because it was a fast and efficient way to get her products to women who were the most interested in the beauty line. “At each beauty event, you have a wonderful, captive audience who is there to learn about and sample the product,” says Tiffany.

To differentiate her beauty line amongst so many other beauty products on the market, Tiffany offers glamorous, sexy, cutting edge and affordable products that have similar ingredients to those found in plastic surgeons and dermatologists offices. Unique to the Fluhme cosmetic line are anti-aging skin products that Tiffany has poured her experience and knowledge in the plastic surgery industry to create, and a new form of baked make-up (eyeshadows and blushes) formulated in Milan, Italy. Other products in the line include lip color, eye liner, mascara, foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer and application brushes.

Logo from Fluhme