Jewelry Inspired By Nature

Wife, mother, and life-long crafter, Susan Miller, would appear to be a busy woman. However, she has added another job to her list: entrepreneur. According to Franklin Lakes Patch, Miller designs a variety of jewelry pieces that are all inspired by mother nature.

Miller wove together her interests in jewelry design, crafting and the natural world to start SKM artwork. She offers handmade “neckworks,” “wristworks,” and “earworks,” each item clearly inspired by nature. The semi-precious gemstones look like they were plucked straight from a bubbling brook and leather and waxed linen cuffs appear to have been twisted and tied by Mother Nature herself. Items range from drop stone earrings, to thick woven cuff bracelets, to multistrand delicately cascading necklaces, priced between $45 and $349.

“Having a background in social work guarantees that any endeavor that I pursue will contain a significant level of social consciousness,” Miller explained. She donates 20 percent of the profits from the iHUG Wristhug bracelet to the iHUG foundation (Help Uganda Grow). She also makes an effort to use Hill Tribe Silver when possible, supporting a northern Thailand community that relies on age-old techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Photo from SKM Artworks

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