Men In Tupperware

The Sydney Morning Herald:

Peter Wooldridge’s two sons enjoy the benefits of their father’s job, but baulk at the idea of one day following in his footsteps.

You see, Wooldridge Snr is a Tupperware salesman and can well appreciate his boys’ aversion to joining the family business.

“They’ve grown up with Dad selling tupperware,” the Adelaide man says with a laugh. “They’re fine with it, but it’s not a job for everyone.
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“You could say that it’s not a job for every man but I love what I do, I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Mr Wooldridge was something of a novelty when he became a Tupperware salesman in 1993.

He found himself at a party trying to sell a product he knew very little about, but the fact he was male may have in fact helped him succeed.

“I honestly think some women bought off me because they felt sorry for me,” he says.

It’s a very different story today.

Mr Wooldridge is now a Tupperware manager and is ranked in the top 100 for personal sales in Australia.

“I probably wouldn’t have been able to get there in the ‘old days’ though,” he says. “It’s not just the products that have evolved. The customer, they want different things from the parties, right down to what food you serve.”

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