Mompreneur Guides Fellow Moms Through Business And Life

Kathryn Bechthold never felt quite like she had the balance thing worked out. On the first day she was set to do her first media appearance as the publisher of Mompreneur magazine, her baby daughter got sick. She had to find a last minute babysitter willing to care for her. That moment left her with a lot of mom guilt. She sold the magazine and started Alchemy Communications, which is yet another source of mom guilt on occasion. According to The Windsor Star, she is still doing amazing.

I think I’m better at it than ever before. But that being said, I totally think that on a day-to-day basis I have to look at every decision against my priorities.”

The popular notion of mompreneurship as an idyllic lifestyle choice for mothers seeking work-life balance is just one myth Bechthold debunks in her new book, The Entrepreneurial Mom’s Guide to Running Your Own Business (Self-Counsel Press, $23.95).

She also lays out some stark truths, among them: your company is not your baby, so don’t get attached to it; and, if you’re not making money, you should cut and run.

“There’s so many women out there who have built their careers and built their networks, and then they have children,” says Bechtold.

“It’s really hard to be involved as the primary caregiver to your kids and have a full-time career … so it’s a really good alternative to start your own business.”

Screenshot from The Entrepreneurial Mom’s Guide to Running Your Own Business

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