Big Business In iPhone Accessories

For a company as innovative as Apple, you would think their iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices would use some color in their cables. They may not, but Laurens Laudowicz saw an opportunity to make a little money selling colorful cords that device owners could use.

Laudowicz launched his project and posted it on Kickstarter for the world to fund. The cables, which are called Juicies, come in 12 colors, ranging from red to purple, reports KHON 2.

“Those are going to be made from recycled plastic so we actually going to be using the plastic that comes from your bottles etc that you see at home that’s going to go in here,” says Laudowcz.

And the cord itself is made from rubber which is biodegradable.

“That’s going to be the worlds first time for a manufacturer to make sustainably sourced cables,” says Laudowcz.

The colored power cords were inspired by his lifelong passion to live green and the everyday frustrations of mixing up the wrong charging cords belonging to other devices.

“And so we ended up taking a sharpie and writing on the little plastic chord ipad and there was this you know thought one of these things would help,” says Laudowcz.

Photo from Juicies

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