Prompted To Say Goodbye

Perhaps this is a message best read via teleprompter.

ABC News reports that the inventor of the teleprompter, Hubert J. ‘Hub’ Schlafly Jr., died last week at the age of 91. His device not only helped change the way news reporters read the news or actors acted, it is even used to help the president read some of his speeches.

Schlafly revolutionized the political and television landscape by allowing public speakers to face the camera and appear as though they were speaking from memory.

The original device created by Schlafly was made up of a motorized scroll of paper inside half a suitcase. The idea was inspired by a Broadway actor named Fred Barton in the 1940s. “I said it was a piece of cake,” Schlafly recalled to the Advocate of Stamford in a 2008 story on his reaction to Barton’s idea.

The device was first used on the CBS soap opera “The First Hundred Years” in 1950.

Photo by Gustav Holmström

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