Surviving Entrepreneurship While Pregnant

If you thought being a mom-entrepreneur wasn’t hard enough, you should try being a pregnant entrepreneur.

Darla DeMorrow has published a book outlining advice and tips for the mom or mom-to-be that is trying to run a business while fitting in everything else in between. She tackles the topics that many moms do not consider when they first get started.

“The moment I became pregnant, I realized I had made a terrible miscalculation,” DeMorrow recalls. “Although my husband and I were thrilled to be expecting, I had no guidebook to help me with the unique challenges of running my sole proprietor business before, during, and after the new addition arrived. Every day I had more questions about how to grow a business and a baby at the same time, but very few people to consult.”

DeMorrow is far from alone. According to the Small Business Administration, there are an estimated ten million female entrepreneurs in America. The number of small women-owned businesses continues to grow at twice the rate of all U.S. firms.

Pregnant Entrepreneurs have different challenges from their corporate counterparts. There is no HR team with set guidelines or safety protections. There is usually no disability or income replacement. And it can be daunting to credibly market for new business when you can’t see your feet.

That’s why DeMorrow decided to write a book to help other women through this demanding transition. The Pregnant Entrepreneur is the first how-to guide for handling pregnancy’s physical, emotional and financial baby bumps while starting or running your own business.

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