On The Web Without A Website

Photo by puliarf

Can your small business have a web presence without a website of its own? As the WSJ reports, yes you can:

When Leslie Richin launched a public-relations business after getting laid off in 2009, her first instinct was to invest in a company website. But hiring a professional to build one for her wasn’t in the budget.

So Ms. Richin, 32 years old, set up free profiles on LinkedIn.com and Twitter.com. She created a free online business card using a service called DooID.com. And she launched a blog, spending roughly $50 on a decorative template, though she could’ve gotten a generic one for free.

“I wanted to establish myself in as many places as possible” online and without breaking the bank, says Ms. Richin, who runs her business from her home in New York and last year generated roughly $60,000 in revenue.

Photo by puliarf.

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