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Gas prices are skyrocketing. Millions are still unemployed. Millions more are living paycheck to paycheck. And just about everyone is wondering when things will get better. But for Patricia Dickenson and Beatriz Thomas, the American Dream is alive and well — and their new company, Decor to Door, is putting that dream within reach of others.

Decor to Door offers stylish, high-quality home furnishings and home decor exclusively through independent sales representatives at home parties, following the successful model honed by companies like Avon, Scentsy, Silpada and Tupperware. Dickenson and Thomas constantly scour the globe for the latest styles and trends, which are reflected in Decor to Door’s unique product mix — everything from dining tables and sofas to glassware and decorative outdoor lighting. But it’s the independent sales representative opportunity the company founders believe can help restore people’s hope for a better future.

“Decor to Door is a new company full of energy and excitement,” Thomas stated. “We have taken the best of established direct selling practices to design our independent sales representative plan. Decor to Door representatives will have a level of support that is virtually unheard of.”

That support adds up to a turnkey solution for Decor to Door independent sales representatives. The company handles all marketing for its representatives, including managing and distributing all home party scheduling and promotion efforts online and off. The end result: Decor to Door independent sales representatives are free to concentrate on booking parties, selling products and earning commissions.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming our new independent sales representatives and helping them grow their businesses. Decor to Door parties will feel more like fun than like work. Hostesses can receive discounts and free products, guests will enjoy an evening out with friends, and everyone will get to shop for exquisite home decor in a relaxed, comfortable setting,” stated Dickenson. “At the end of the party, the consultant will have earned a generous 20% commission on all sales. Everyone involved goes home happy.”

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