The pet industry is huge. When sales are down for many products, pet supplies tend to keep going strong. The same can be said for the services people provide in this industry. is an online service that helps connect customers who need daycare, walking, grooming, training, and boarding services with companies in their area that offer them. All you have to do is fill out the form and click to receive a quote. They check to make sure their providers fit the specific criteria needed to be included on their website. Customers can relax knowing their pets are in capable hands.

I recently asked Jared Katz, the VP of Business Development, a few questions about their service and how providers can get listed.

Tell us a little about is a unique website that assists pet owners in finding reliable, professional and insured local pet service providers. The 100% free service gives pet owners the capability to easily connect with various types of pet service providers in their local area. Pet care services currently offered include: Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Training, Pet Waste Removal, Pet Boarding and Daycare.

The service is seamless and easy to use. Pet owners must simply visit the website and complete a short online form to briefly describe the pet service needed. Within hours, the pet owner will be contacted via phone and/or e-mail by 1 or 2 high quality local pet service providers, each of whom will provide pricing, references and any other important information necessary for the pet owner to make an informed decision. The pet owner then decides how to proceed, may request more information, evaluate its options and choose, without any obligation to do so, whether or not to engage one of the pet service providers. All pet service providers within the network must be insured and bonded (where required) to ensure that pet owners are paired with companies of the highest quality.

What inspired it? was created by with animal lovers with the desire to facilitate the lives of pet owners. As experts in the world of online marketing, we discovered the void facing 62% of the USA population. This vast percentage of Americans are pet owners, and most of them lead very busy lives. The goal of our site is to assist all pet owners across North America (and eventually the world), whether they just moved into a new neighborhood or recently adopted a pet, in finding professional pet care services.

In how many cities/states do you currently have service providers listed?

We are in most states across the USA and started into the Canadian market within the past 6 months. We have extensive coverage, across most major cities across the USA.

What does a provider need to do if they want to be listed on your website?

Simply call toll free – (800) 398-6081 and speak to one of our sales consultants. They will walk a provider through every aspect of the program. A provider can also go to this link and submit their information. Once submitted, one of our sales consultants will contact the provider usually within 1 business day. Our sales professionals can get a provider up and running within 3-5 business days.

What separates you from the competition?

Our network of pet care providers consists solely of insured, bonded & established organizations. We pride ourselves in having an elite network of providers around the country. We want to provide our customers with superior service, and that means getting the highest quality pet care providers onto our network. If you don’t have a well-established pet care business, we cannot accept you onto our network. It is also interesting to note that our sales consultants have the ability to coach and guide individuals into the process of getting a new pet care business up and running, so that they can join our network in the future. This service and guidance is fully complementary to aspiring pet care proprietors. Our goal is to create a positive competitive environment among pet care providers, as well as a great service for pet owners seeking pet care in their local areas.

Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish in the next year or so? would like to continue its expansion into Canada as well as continue to build out the existing pet care network around the USA. Our 3-5 year plans include expansion to parts of Europe and Australia. We are already receiving a positive buzz in these areas and they are now marked for our next wave of expansion.

What are some lessons you have learned during your time with the company?

We have learned that there is truly a real ‘need’ for our service in the marketplace. has created a service that is beneficial to pet owners and pet service providers alike. As many of our pet care providers have asserted, our service fills a void in terms of their sales and marketing agenda. We offer a way for pet providers to increase their business over and beyond their existing referral base. At the same time, we offer pet owners a quick and easy way to find professional, reliable pet care services.

Do you have any advice you would like to offer entrepreneurs just getting started in the pet service industry?

In this industry we find that a lot of businesses fail because the love of pets takes priority over the love of running a business. In order to succeed, you need to fully understand the business and operations surrounding a pet service company. The love of pets is a great start, but this will not necessarily equate to a successful business. Be sure to join the major pet associations out there (namely PSI, APSE or NAPPS) and educate yourself on the best business practices. Understand what it takes to acquire a new customer and maintain a high level of service. A pet care business is a wonderful thing, but it takes patience, time and dedication. When you have built your foundation and have a handful of clients, give our sales team a ring and learn how can assist you in furthering the [growth] of your organization – that’s what we are here for!

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