BusinessNews Express:

Since 2008, Tommy Lambert and his wife, Heather, have exclusively owned and operated Headhunters Lice Removal Service. Over the last 3 years, the company has treated numerous clients and provided an innovative, in demand service in the Atlanta, Georgia area. After experiencing a tremendous amount of growth and attaining a high level of success, the Lamberts have decided to further expand the company by offering a unique franchise opportunity to interested entrepreneurs.

The first company of its kind in the state of Georgia, Headhunters offers individuals the clean, professional environment of a salon in which they and their families can be comfortably treated for head lice. Not long ago, the Lamberts only offered in-home lice removal services; however, as the demand for their professional skills expanded, so have the services that they provide.

“With passion and family values, Headhunters is successful because we offer something that no other company does,” commented Tommy Lambert. “Many people are embarrassed when they find that their children have head lice. Bringing kids to our salon for lice removal is easier, more effective, and less stressful on parents than attempting to do it themselves. Over the counter products often fail, leaving parents frustrated and overwhelmed. For this reason, we offer our knowledge and provide our expertise, as we know our clients do not have time for lice.”