Reaching Out To Entreprenettes

What is an entreprenette? It describes the founder of a company with the same name, Sarah Shaw. As a successful woman in business, she helps fellow entrepreneurs get their own products to market. Before becoming an entreprenette, she created her own handbag line, reports Forbes.

Sum up what the Entreprenette does in a brief summary and then sum up what Entreprenette can offer customers that no other service can in one sentence.

Entreprenette is a full service consulting firm that specializes in helping our clients launch tangible products; accessories, clothing, cosmetics, home and lifestyle products. We offer an exclusive service as we specialize in building a business by setting a solid foundation of boutiques and specialty stores from which can be used as a lunching pad into larger retailers.

What do your future business plans include for Entreprenette? Do you think that now that you’ve mastered handbags you might want to ask take a stab at the garment industry or making even trying a completely new service, like a muffin shop?

Entreprenette is going to expand and develop national mastermind groups this year and we are developing a bigger model for our Instantly Famous Products service which helps young designers place their products in movies and on TV.

As for launching my next business? I am so excited about my clients businesses right now that I don’t have the “next great idea” just yet. I currently have two other companies that I run as well; Simply Sarah that sells my patented closet organizer for handbags, and Rack And Roll Rentals that owns three wardrobe trailers and rents them to movies and TV shows…….so my hands are FULL. And if that is not enough, I am a single mom to 3 yr old identical twin girls!

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