Qualities Of A Successful Mompreneur

Like any other entrepreneur, many mompreneurs share similar qualities that highlight their ability to succeed. The Charlotte Observer has pulled together a short list of some qualities that help mompreneurs succeed.

Looking at the big picture and acting on it.

In parenting and in business, mompreneurs need to maintain focus on both long-term goals and the daily grind of small, specific actions. Increasing kiddo’s GPA means turning off the TV everyday at 4 PM, just like increasing annual sales by 10% means 20 cold calls a week.

Working well with and without people.

Starting a business requires dealing with people. Lots of people. Being a mom requires dealing with lots of little people. But the buck stops with you and sometimes it’s lonely. A new mom deals with long stretches of solitary tedium, pacing with a colicky newborn, just as a new business owner endures long stretches of solitary work, building something from nothing. Seek support but prepare yourself for times when you’ll have to hold your own hand.

Keep a plan and flexibility.

You need to have a plan, whether that’s a nap schedule or a list of service offerings, but then you have to listen to your customer. Inevitably the nap schedule will evolve and so will your service offerings, based on real world feedback.

Photo by Dave Parker

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